White Ceramic Wax Melt & Oil Burner

This gorgeous warm white ceramic wax melts / oil burner has been handmade by Virginia Balistreri, from @ViCeramics.
Each set is unique and may differ slightly from the other in the final result of shade of colour/shape, although this is minimal.
They can be used for wax melts or with essential oil & water.



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The burner is made of 2 pieces : the main body of the burner for placing the tea-light in and the little bowl for either wax melts or water & essential oils.
You warm the wax melt with the lit tea-light to diffuse the fragrance. (You don’t need to add water to the wax melt)
When you have used the burner, the little cup will become hot to touch and you will need to wait for it to cool down before moving it
Can be used with our unscented soy wax tea-lights or any others that you might have.

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