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Our Story


I started making candles for family and friends as a hobby in 2017 when I was working as a nurse in the NHS. I loved it and at the end of a busy day, it was a great way to de-stress.
In July 2017 my husband and I decided we wanted to make some lifestyle changes. It was a big decision but in the October, along with our 2 sons, we left Bath down in South West England and made the move to Uig on the West coast of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. We had visited for holidays many times to see family and loved it here.
In June 2018, my dream of being able to work from home became a reality and my hobby gradually developed into a small business – Uig Candles.
I enjoy nature and the outdoors and Uig is one of the most remote but beautiful places in the UK.  It’s an area steeped in history, surrounded by mountains and lochs and close to the white sandy beaches and the colours of the landscape are amazing.
I am inspired by the seasons and all the different flowers and fragrances that are found in them and I try to capture this in my candle fragrances.
I have been a vegan since November 2019 and it is really important to me that my candles are eco-friendly and as natural as possible. I use 100% soy wax, cotton & linen wicks, vegan-friendly premium fragrance & essential oils which are sourced in the UK, not tested on animals and that are paraben free.
I hand pour my candles in small batches, using containers that are recyclable and try to use the least amount of plastic possible.
My goal is to create beautiful, scented products that you can take home with you to enjoy, that give you a sense of wellbeing and where the fragrance lasts to the very end of the jar.
I also try to support other small businesses and you will see various products on my site to reflect this.
Thank you for reading this far…
Rachel  x

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